EventsProfile Fire Detection Control Panel

Profile Fire Detection Control Panel

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Date: 2015/08/30
PROFILE Addressable Panels

PROFILE is a powerful fire detection and alarm system that uses MZX Technology at its heart. Due to the fact that MZX Technology was originally designed for operation in the most hostile of environments, the system is highly resilient to external factors such as electrical noise or sources of false alarm.

The new touchscreen user interface with context sensitive help has been ergonomically engineered so that every operation is made easy. Features such as the touch sensitive LEDs that provide detailed status information ensure a fast response to all system events. The system combines ease of use with high performance, and through innovation brings lifetime cost benefits to end users. The optional, sleek and discreet stand alone touchscreen user interface makes the system suitable for the most critical and sensitive environments.

Architecturally designed & aesthetically pleasing
With the modern 8.4” TFT colour touchscreen the ZETTLER PROFILE panel defines new ways of using a fire control panel. The fully customisable home screen allows the panel to adopt the end user’s corporate identity. Its state-of-the-art design, different mounting options and shallow wall mounting make it easy to use in reception areas and aesthetically pleasing environments.

Advanced usability
A key user requirement of a fire panel is for it to be intuitive and easy to operate. The intelligent user guidance of the ZETTLER PROFILE panel offers a multilingual interface, an ergonomic icon display and touch sensitive status LEDs to provide event summary information in just one click. The Info-Button, which is an intelligent navigation for operators delivers context sensitive help and on screen operator instructions for ease of use.

Easy to install, configure & service
The new USB configuration process is the next step in providing a future proof interface. The transfer of the site configuration is much easier and therefore saves time and cost during installation and service. Another innovation is the login via RFID tag replacing the conventional key switch. This allows the unique identification of users and traceability of all actions that have been made to the fire panel. This is especially useful in high risk environments where it can be crucial to track who performed critical functions.

Reduced lifetime cost

To reduce the total cost of ownership, ZETTLER PROFILE provides a number of functions aimed at increased flexibility, not only for the first installation but during the complete lifetime of the system. Backwards compatibility ensures that existing fire panels with MZX Technology can be networked together with new PROFILE panels. 2,000 loop points per panel make it possible to build large single systems, while campus environments will profit from the possibility to position repeaters anywhere using IP cabling structures.

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