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FM200 (HFC 227ea) is known chemically as Heptafluoropropane. 
FM200 is a colorless gas which is liquefied under pressure for storage. Like Halon 1301 it has a low toxicity level and is super-pressurised with Nitrogen to 24.8bar (LP) or 42br (HP). It rapidly extinguishes most commonly found fires through a combination of chemical and physical mechanisms.
FM200 contains no bromine or chlorine and therefore has zero Ozone Depleting Potential (ODP). The atmospheric lifetime of FM200 is between 31 and 42 years which along with its’ ODP presents a long term solution to fire protection requirements.
FM200 has been found to be less toxic than Halon 1301, which makes it safe for use in the fully automatic mode in occupied areas.
Typically FM200 requires a design concentration of 7% (depends on standards), which is well below the 9% No Observable Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL).

Ozone Depletion Potential (O.D.P)                                   0
Atmospheric Lifetime (A.L.T) (yrs)                                   36.5
No Observed Adverse Effect Level (NOAEL)                        9 %
Lowest Observed Adverse Effect Level (LOAEL)                  > 10.5 %

Thorn Security has a long and proud tradition in fire detection & extinguishing systems.
Its became part of Tyco International in 1996.
THORN Fire detection and extinguishing products are made in world class globally certified European and American.

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