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DDM800 Universal Fire & Gas Module

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Tyco designed DDM800 Universal Fire & Gas Module to interface a wide range of conventional Fire detectors to MZX Technology™ control panels. 
Additionally the option is available to connect two 4 to 20mA devices such as Gas Detectors and to configure the alarm thresholds within the control panel.

The DDM800 provides you the ability to combine fire, Gas and various other system monitoring in to a single control panel. Previously this was only possible in a very basic format using expensive interfacing. Combining these systems will not only save cost, space and time but it will also remove the need to involve what can sometimes be complex interfacing.

Integral 2 channel 4 to 20mA interface for connecting devices such as gas detectors. For the first time the Minerva® MX panels can monitor a 4 to 20mA input via the digital addressable loop.
DDM800 can monitor two independent 4 to 20mA devices and provides configurable levels for fault, pre-alarm and alarm per channel. The unit of measurement and scaling can be set in the Minerva®a MX panel which, through the front panel menus, can then be displayed in real time on the panels 16 x 40 character display. Examples of measurement units are LEL, ppm, and ºC.
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