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FLAMEVision Array Based Infrared Flame Detector

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The FlameVision detector utilizes infrared array based flame detection combined with integral CCTV to automatically and reliably identify flame incidents and pin point the location on a video image.
FV400 Triple IR Solar Blind Flame Detector Range which builds on the success of the well-established S200+ range of devices, using the proven optics and enhanced algorithms from the S200+ range and mating these with the compact FV300 enclosure and then adding multiple interfaces and the option of an integral CCTV camera to provide a flexible detector capable of being utilized in a wide variety of environments.


•Triple waveband infrared solar blind flame detection for optimum false alarm immunity
• Unrivalled black body rejection over a wide range of source temperatures
• Remote video monitoring of field of view and device status
• Automatic Optical Integrity Monitoring
• 4 Range settings - 6m, 12.5m, 25m & 50m
• Flameproof housing certificated to EEx d IIC T4 with ATEX and ICEX approvals
• Highly configurable via switch settings or P.C. software
• FM approved
• MED Marine approved
• SIL2 certified
• Highly sensitive to flame thus increasing the probability of early detection of hydrocarbon fires over a longer range
• Able to see flames through smoke and through high densities of solvent vapours thus increasing the probability of early detection of hydrocarbon fires
• Insensitive to artificial light sources such as halogen lights
• Consistent high sensitivity flame detection throughout a 90° field of view
• Consistent detection of different types of hydrocarbon fuels from alcohol to aviation fuel
• Regular self-testing of critical electronic circuits and regular monitoring of the detector window (OIM) reducing the frequency of regular maintenance visits
• Integral flame simulation for verification of detection path enabling either easy walk-testing of the installation or testing by remote control to ensure continued reliability of the detector operation
• Options of different system interfaces as standard
• Sealed to IP66 and IP67 (when suitable cable gland and sealant are used) ensuring long term reliability in harsh environments

Range of Interfaces

The FlameVision FV400 range of detectors provide as standard the following system interfaces:
• Volt-free relay contacts for alarm and fault, programmable as normally open or normally closed
• Analogue output current in the range 4 to 20mA configurable as Sink or Source and proportional to the flame detection signal
• RS485 serial data port suitable for network connection using the MODBUS protocol
• MZX Technology digital loop interface for connection to Tyco MZX Fire Controllers
• Conventional 24Vdc Fire Controller interface
• HART Communications Interface
• Video output compatible with twisted pair video cable (only on FV412F & FV413F)
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