MZX Detectors

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Tyco MX & MZX VIRTUAL multi-sensor detectors – an extremely cost effective range of state-of-the-art highly

featured addressable detectors capable of meeting worldwide approvals.
  •     800PC Series CO Fire , Optical Smoke and Heat detectors
  •     800PH Series Optical Smoke and Heat detectors
  •     800CH Series CO Fire and Heat detectors
  •     800P Series Optical Smoke detectors
  •     800H Series Heat detectors
  •     800I Series Ionization Smoke detectors
  •     S200+ Triple IR Flame detectors

Tyco MX & MZX detectors incorporate years of experience in detection technology and manufacturing to provide the latest fire detection and false alarm rejection techniques in an attractive, compact and highly featured yet surprisingly cost effective package. So how is this achieved ?

Virtual Multi-Sensor detectors allow the best detection mode for the application to be selected from the panel without having to physically change the detector. This concept of virtual detectors reduces detector costs and commissioning time and also reduces stock levels and service spares. The use of virtual detectors allows the panel to change from one detection mode to another, automatically as the building occupancy varies. Virtual detectors can also operate in two detection modes simultaneously.

Arability & Reliability

IEC6150 Approved to SIL2


Built-in line isolator 850 Series

Two way infra-red communication to the 850EMT Engineering Management Tool

Fire, isolate and fault LED indications

Comprehensive range of bases and base accessories

Environmentally friendly detectors  

The use of HPO, MX Fastlogic and CO fire detection enable all applications to be accommodated without the need for radioactive ionisation detection elements.

Unique construction of optical detector chambers reduces susceptibility to dirt and extends detector life. MX detectors are made from recyclable materials and can be returned to Tyco for recycling.  

Very low false alarm

MX Fastlogic ,HPO and CO Fire detection are used to virtually eliminate the possibility of false alarms without compromising detection capability. 

Very early fire detection

CO fire detection provides exceptionally early warning especially for sleeping risks. In addition, MX Virtual multi-sensor detectors support the use of group detection algorithms, which allow several detectors in a zone to be used to make detection decisions. 


Carrying out virtual detection in the panel keeps the intelligent detectors simple, which not only reduces cost but significantly increases overall system reliability.  

Long life

As detection algorithms are carried out in the panel, future changes in detector applications and advances in technology can be accommodated by panel upgrades. Detectors will not need to be changed to keep up with changes in building use or technological advances.


Built-in self-verification enables panels supporting this function to instruct the detectors to carry out an automatic walk-test routine through manual or automatic intervention.  

Temperature indication

The multi-sensor detectors allow the panel to read and display the ambient temperature at the detector enabling advanced life safety procedures to be implemented particularly in marine and other critical life safety applications

Quick and easy to service

Self verification, detector dirty level indication, automatic detector re-addressing and a comprehensive range of detector service tools enable quick and easy system servicing.

Thorn Security has a long and proud tradition in fire detection & extinguishing systems.
Its became part of Tyco International in 1996.
THORN Fire detection and extinguishing products are made in world class globally certified European and American.

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