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 PROFILE is a highly featured digital addressable fire alarm control panel featuring an advanced TFT colour touch-screen user interface that is ergonomically engineered specifically for fire alarm control. It is designed for operation with or without gloves and provides easy-to-use, intuitive and flexible user controls including keyless log-on using RFID tags, colour coded for different access levels.
The system provides up to eight loop, each of 250 addresses making it suitable larger sized premises. Running the robust MZX Digital loop protocol, the panel utilizes all the existing proven MZX Detectors, interface modules and notification devices including the new generation 6 detectors and Quad I/O modules.
The PROFILE fire detection controller is the heart of a comprehensive fire detection system that can be used to protect both life and property.

Any combination of up to 99 PROFILE panels can be networked together using copper or fiber-optic medium to provide seamless integration across the most complex facilities.
8.4” TFT colour touch screen multilingual user interface – Architecturally attractive and fully programmable
Ergonomic Icon Display – Simple to operate user interface eliminates operator errors
Touch sensitive status LED’s provide event summary information Instant access to detailed event information
Context sensitive help and on scree operator instructions – Reduces the need for user training and provides support for infrequent users
User configurable on screed site maps – No need for additional site plans
Programmable graphic quiescent display – Opportunity for customer branding
Comprehensive point management and disable functions - Gives the user full control and reduces survive an maintenance effort
Selectively view or print from the extensive 10,000 event log using dynamic filters – Effective event diagnostics to quickly resolve site investigations
Keyless log-on using RFID tags – Identifies and logs user action
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