MZX Ancillary Modules

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An extensive range of ancillary modules has been specifically designed for use with the MX range of Fire Controllers.
The 800 range of ancillary modules provide the MX Fire Controller with a wide degree of systems application flexibility.
This allows the field addressable loop from the control panel to both receive inputs to the system and control outputs from it.

This broad range of modules allows the scope of the fire detection system to be significantly extended beyond a simple fire detector alarm sounder based alarm system.

  •     DIM800, Detector Input Module
  •     CIM800, Digital Contact Input Module
  •     DDM800, Analogue Input Module
  •     SNM800, Extinguishing & Sounder Derive Module
  •     LPS800, Sounder Derive Module
  •     LAV800, Extinguishing Control Module
  •     RIM800, Relay Output Module
  •     BDM800, Beam Detector Module
  •     TSM800, Door Control Module
  •     VIO800, VESDA Interface Module
  •     SIO800, Single Input/Output Module
  •     BDM800, Beam Detector Module
  •     MIO800, Multi Input/Output Module
  •     QIO850, Multi Input/Output Module
  •     QMO850, Monitored Multi Output Module
  •     QRO850, Multi Relay Output Module
  •      .........
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