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Very Early Smoke Detector Aspirating

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A fire detection system that offers the earliest possible warning of a potential fire. A system that will ensure that business is never disrupted and that nuisance alarms are eliminated. A system that can adapt to the 'unique' characteristics of any given environment.
VESDA helps to ensure that business disruption and down time are avoided by detecting smoke at the earliest possible stage. Also, VESDA's wide sensitivity allows optimum alarm settings for a wide range of environments, providing active protection where other systems prove inadequate. This sensitivity range (0.005 to 20% obscuration/m) allows for the initiation of up to four different response procedures as the smoke level rises. Typical response procedures could include: activation of a pager, a general alarm, building evacuation and fire department notification. The VESDA Fire 2 response could initiate fire suppression if necessary.
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