Triple IR Flame Detector

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S200+ flame detectors detectors analyses radiant energy at three different wavelengths and, as such, offer the full benefits of Triple IR flame detectors. The detector uses a well proven, flame detection technique. This is based on monitoring for modulated infra-red radiation in the 4.3μm waveband corresponding to CO2 emission. It incorporates patented techniques for improved rejection of solar energy by use of two 4.3 μm filters and for Gaussian noise rejection by averaging the output signal of two separate sensor elements.

The FLAMEVision family of flame detectors use patented IR array and triple IR solar blind technologies to provide reliable and cost effective fire detection solutions. FLAMEVision can be trusted in high dependency situations where fast acting and accurate flame detection is essential.
FLAMEVision detectors offer superior performance in all weather conditions and all lighting situations with the added benefit of fire event location information provided by the IR array.

FLAMEVision FV400 uses Triple IR Solar Blind technology for flame detection. This provides a reliable and cost effective solution in standard flame detection applications especially where there is a single hazard in the field of view.
The FV400 FLAMEVision detectors use Triple IR Solar Blind sensing technology and flame detection algorithms to provide high performance sensing capabilities for hydrocarbon fires. This includes the ability to reliably sense flames through high densities of solvent vapours and black smoke, increasing the probability of early detection with consistent high sensitivity to flame throughout the whole field of view. They also ensure consistent detection of many different types of hydrocarbon fuels from alcohol to aviation fuel. Multiple interfaces are provided with the option of an integral CCTV camera to provide a visual means of operator verification.
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